The Best Flower Shops In Toronto, Canada

By December 21, 2020Flower
Best Flower Shop in Toronto

There aren’t many ways you can go wrong with flowers, especially when you’re gifting your loved one a rose on Valentine’s Day. However, this time around, since we’re all staying socially distant because of the threat posed by COVID-19, Christmas this year will require us to be a bit more creative. We all love celebrating Christmas, but we all know that family gatherings won’t happen – but there’s no need to get sad!

Buying Christmas flowers in Toronto can help you spread the holiday cheer and a floral arrangement that looks beautiful can definitely show your loved ones how much you care for them. However you’ll have to choose from the numerous flower shops in Toronto to make sure you get the best value for your money.
Consider the ones listed below.


A flower shop that focuses on a responsible, economically-friendly floral design, Sweetpea in Roncesvalles Village offers its customers customized designs according to the occasion. The store is also famous for the quirkly cards that they sell in their store with the floral arrangements available. Customers can also find home décor and stationery here.
At Sweetpea, customized designs range from a English Garden Bouquet to Statement Blooms and floral arrangement with Architectural Designs.

Quince Flowers

The owner of this store, Rosemary Jeffares, found her love for flowers while she was just a grad student in one of the finest colleges in England. If you live in Riverdale and if you want to buy Christmas flowers for your loved ones, you can easily buy them at this store. Quince Flowers are famous for their customized floral arrangements and they also make special bouquets for different events during the year.
The shop also has hand-tied bouquets and terrariums, which are made from the most exotic flowers you can find in Toronto. Luckily for you, you won’t even have to visit the shop to place the order for the kind of flowers you want. Quincy Flowers prefers the analogue way to talk to their customers.

Tonic Blooms

With the help of Tonic Blooms, you can send Christmas flowers to your loved ones without having to leave your desk. This shop sources their flowers from local nurseries and they can also offer you a wide collection of seasonal designs that can ensure you always have gifts for your loved ones during the holiday season. Apart from the Christmas bouquets that you can find during Christmas, you can also find distinct flowers and CXBO Chocolate Bars during Valentine’s Day. Once you’ve bought your flowers, they’re going to be delivered to you, or to your loved in a signature denim. The store claims that your delivery can be completed under two hours.

If an order you’ve placed is in their “on-demand” zone, it will be made on a bicycle and it will be free. However, deliveries on the same day all across Toronto come with an additional fee.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative this year and buy Christmas flowers for your loved ones this time around!

Best Flower Shop in Toronto