The Best Flower Delivery Florist in Toronto to Bring Cheer During COVID-19

By May 11, 2020Flower, Uncategorized
Flower Arrangements

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COVID-19 has had adverse effects on businesses in many industries. Countless businesses were not prepared for the pandemic, and their revenues have taken a massive hit because of the lack of customers. Unfortunately, these statements apply to the floral industry, including florists and flower delivery businesses.

Flower delivery florists in Toronto deliver flowers for all kinds of occasions, including parties and funerals Flowers are a very common decoration item for public gatherings. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised people to stay home and avoid public gatherings.

Flower Delivery Florist

Who is a Florist?

A florist specializes in arranging flowers and other flower-related elements into a pleasing design. These arrangements are used for weddings, birthdays, or special days (e.g. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day). These beautiful arrangements can also decorate hotels and homes.

In the past, florists owned small independent shops; however, since the rise of social media, many have taken their business online, or have been hired by other larger companies.

What Does a Florist Do?

Florists skillfully create and design flower arrangements. These arrangements include:

● Wreaths
● Bouquets
● Vases
● Centerpiece elements

A florist serves hundreds of customers in a day, including people with very specific requirements about the type of flower arrangement they want or need. Different occasions require different kinds of flower arrangements.

Common Flower Arrangements

Triangular Flower Arrangement

Like the name suggests, flowers are cut and trimmed in the shape of a triangle to give this arrangement its shape. This kind of flower arrangement usually has a big flower in the center, which adds to the beauty of this arrangement.

Crescent Flower Arrangement

Also known as the “C” flower arrangement, this style consists of freshly plucked flowers arranged in a flower basket. The flowers are then tied with beautiful silk or satin ribbons in many different colours.

The Elliptical Flower Arrangement

In this type of flower arrangement, flowers are arranged in the shape of an ellipse. Roses, sunflowers, dahlias, lotuses, tuberoses, and lilies are often used.

Only bright flowers are used in this kind of flower arrangement, and it is one of the most commonly requested flower arrangements. These bouquets are commonly requested for birthdays, weddings and other types of parties.

Flower Arrangements

Finding a Flower Delivery Florist in Toronto

During these difficult times in the city, some businesses have taken it upon themselves to honour the revised orders that they received, and our flower delivery florist in Toronto is one of those businesses.

Despite the challenges placed in our path, our florists are showing their dedication by working tirelessly to complete the orders and ensure they are delivered on time. By keeping our promises to customers, existing and new, we are committed to being a flower delivery florist that everyone can trust and depend on.