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The History of Giving Flowers as Gifts

Historical accounts from ancient Greece, Rome, and China, as well as Egyptian mythology, demonstrate that flowers were an important part of social customs. At these times, it was often through the giving of flowers that people were able to express their feelings best. For example, in Greek mythology, some flowers were considered to be representations of gods and goddesses.

Roses were given as gifts during Medieval times, especially in England and in France. It is thought that the tradition of giving flowers a meaning originated in Europe after it was seen being done in Turkey.

During the Victorian era, expressing feelings in words was considered bad manners. Because of this, flowers were used to demonstrate people’s emotions. As well, the Victorians had many stipulations around giving flowers. For example, if a person bought a beautiful bouquet of roses from the florist and presented them to the recipient upside down, the recipient would be sure to be upset. This is because red rose stems are thought to symbolize anger when they’re presented upside down.

How Has Giving Flowers Evolved?

In recent years, the custom of gifting flowers has continued. Although gifting flowers or bouquet can mean lots of different things, it’s always nice to give someone something. Furthermore, the dos and don’ts regarding giving flowers have become more important in today’s society.

The reasons for giving flowers have evolved as time has passed. Although it may have begun as simply expressing love for someone else, there are many reasons why people choose to give flowers.

The Symbolism of Certain Flowers

Flowers are seen as having different meanings. For example, red flowers are often used to represent passion, white flowers are often used to symbolize innocence, and yellow flowers are often used to express sympathy. A florist can help you find the right flowers for any occasion.

Originally from Victorian culture, Asters are said to embody daintiness and charm. Greek mythology informs us that they can be a symbol of love.

Cosmos represent order and harmony, but to their neat arrangement of petals. They are available in several colors including purple, red, orange and pink roses.


Calla lilies can represent attraction. This is a complicated flower, as the outer petal is actually a leaf and the flower itself is the enclosed spike.

Specifically Canadian

Flowers are still the most popular gift in Canada for people looking to offer a symbolic gift. In general, giving flowers is seen as a sign of deep affection, especially when it is done for a romantic partner or a close friend. For example, a man may offer his wife or girlfriend a bouquet of flowers as a birthday or anniversary gift, or simply as a display of interest when dating. Flowers are typical decorations at weddings and funerals, as well as a common present of compassion to a sick friend.

In Canada, a few flowers have symbolic importance. Roses are a symbol of romantic love, especially on Valentine’s Day, poinsettias are a Christmas symbol rarely seen outside of the holiday, poppies are a symbol of war veterans and Remembrance Day, and white calla lilies are an old-fashioned symbol of death.

The Power of Giving Flowers

According to an article in The Edmonton Sun in May of 2011, Anne Frank wrote, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” Many people have discovered that giving brings a slew of benefits. Giving the gift of flowers may not bring you monetary riches, but you will surely experience joy and fulfillment.

Flower Facts

How much is spent on cut flowers in Canada every year?

In 2020, approximately 132.77 million Canadian dollars worth of cut flowers were sold in Canada, a decrease from around 133.55 million in the previous year.

What is the most common flower in Canada?

Geraniums, chrysanthemums and poinsettias which are often used in bouquets, are the most common flowers in Canada, along with the wild and woodland lily, which are normally found in damp meadow land.

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