416-Flowers: Creative Ways Grandparents Are Staying Happy During the Quarantine

By June 24, 2020Flower, Uncategorized

COVID-19 has kept us all inside our homes much more than we’re used to. While some of us are starting to feel the anxiety of always staying inside, this pandemic is disproportionately affecting our grandparents, too. Due to this pandemic, many children now have fewer opportunities, if any, to see their grandparents. Families are trying to use social distancing (despite missing each other) to stay safe. What would let them know they’re in your thoughts right now? A phone call? Maybe a flowers delivery?

This dramatic change to our regular routines and the absence of human contact can cause anxiety, confusion and stress for our grandparents. During this time, keeping your grandparents happy can be tough because life is very different than it used to be. If you’re struggling to keep your grandparents happy during the pandemic, you’ve come to the right place for some great ideas.

Here are some creative ways you can use to keep your grandparents happy.

1. Make a Family Photo Album

Since most of our photos end up on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, the older generation often miss out on the beautiful moments of our lives. We suggest using recycled material you can find to make your grandparents a photo album of all the fun moments of your life. If you have any photos with them, make sure to include them in the album!
Bonus Tip
Get your younger siblings to design the cover of the photo album if you want an even bigger smile on your grandparents’ faces!

2. Pick up the Phone

If you can’t meet your grandparents, try calling them. Calling your grandparents is a simple and effective way of making their day a little brighter. Take some time out of your busy schedule to call them for a chat and ask them how their day is going.

During the pandemic, older people are more prone to anxiety and panic attacks because of the consistent news reports. Since you’re younger and more aware of the reality of the situation, it is your job to make sure your elders follow all necessary instructions. Comfort and reassure your grandparents that all will be fine as long as they keep themselves safe and clean.

3. Send Them Flowers

A bouquet of fresh and colorful flowers can make anyone’s day. Flower delivery in Toronto is still possible, and the smell of flowers can’t help but make them smile. By sending your grandparents flowers, you’re letting them know that you’re thinking about them. These small gestures and gifts can help shift the focus from the distance they feel at this time to feeling loved and cared for.

If you’re looking for contactless flower delivery in Toronto, 416 Flowers has beautiful flower delivery options at excellent prices. Giving your loved one’s flowers can result in an immediate boost to their mood. A bouquet can lighten up the mood of a room pretty easily. Flowers can also help you concentrate and have a stronger memory.

As people age, it can be common for them to be more forgetful. All of us have seen our grandparents lose their train of thought every once in a while. When you keep plants in indoor places, they oxygenate the air and boost the performance of your brain cells.

These benefits, and so many more, are wonderful reasons to send flowers to your grandparents today!